2017 Civic 50 Orange County

The Civic 50 Orange County Awards presented by the Orange County Business Journal, in partnership with OneOC, Points of Light and True Impact, will recognize the 50 most community-minded small, mid-size and large Orange County companies as determined by a national survey. By benchmarking and celebrating best practices, it provides visibility and a framework for how local companies can use their employees’ time, skills and other resources to improve the quality of life in our community. 


Awards Luncheon October 19th and Published Recognition October 23rd

The Orange County Business Journal will host the Civic 50 Orange County Awards Luncheon on October 19th at Hotel Irvine and publish the Civic 50 list on October 23rd.

Print a copy of   Orange County Business Journal 2017 Giving Guide: 3/27/2017



DEADLINE EXTENDED! Survey open until July 14th

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Companies can access the Civic 50 Orange County on-line survey until June 30. Based on the number of their employees (small 15-99, mid-size 100-499 and large 500+), similarly sized companies will be measured and recognized for their community engagement programs operating within Orange County.  The survey instrument consists of quantitative and multiple-choice questions that inform the Civic 50 scoring process.  Optional (not scored) narrative information may be submitted to capture case study material that will be used by OCBJ and OneOC to celebrate and promote best practices.

 Download the Civic 50 Orange County Participant Packet


Call OneOC’s Civic 50 Orange County survey helpline at (714) 953-5757, ext. 121 or [email protected] for information or assistance.