Does your nonprofit need board members?


If your nonprofit is either a OneOC Accelerated or Premium Member, you receive access to prospective board members through our Board Connection program, where we train and connect potential board members to nonprofits in Orange County.


How it Works
  1. Your organization needs board members
  2. Sign up to become a OneOC Accelerated or Premium Member
  3. List your nonprofit's board position on OneOC's exclusive database (OneOC will train you)
  4. Potential board members, trained through OneOC's Board Connection Program, finds and connects with you through our database


Get Started

Here's how your organization can participate and start finding board members:

  1. Become a OneOC Accelerated or Premium Member
  2. Review, sign and submit to OneOC a Board Connection Memorandum of Understanding 
  3. Learn how to post your board position on our website (we'll train you)
  4. Follow up with prospective board connection participants in a timely manner (as outlined in the MOU)


Questions? Contact Colleen Richardson at [email protected]