Connecting nonprofits with volunteers is what we have done for over half a century. We offer volunteer services that link people to projects, helping increase nonprofits' capacity to do more good in the community.

Post on OneOC's Volunteer Calendar

Increase your organization's visibility and engage more volunteers by posting your nonprofit's volunteer opportunities on our online Volunteer calendar.

Find Board Members

Looking for qualified Board Members to serve on your organization's board of directors? Learn how to strengthen your organization through our Board Connection program.

Host AmeriCorps

Did you know college graduates are asking to serve at organizations just like yours? Learn all the benefits of hosting an AmeriCorps Fellow this year.


Learn how your organization can become a Partner Agency to have access to the thousands of volunteers in Orange County.

Host Volunteer Projects

Become a project partner with OneOC and increase your volunteer engagement, resources including companies, with little or no additional organizational investment.