Nonprofit Insight Forum: Lessons from Leaders on the Future Workplace

OneOC is proud to host our Orange County nonprofit professionals with the Nonprofit Insight Forum, a place to bring you the most recent and up-to-date information facing the nonprofit sector, based on surveys and conversations with you, the nonprofit professional. As your go-to resource for organizational effectiveness, we commit to bringing you the trends and highlights in the sector that are impacting our community and the professionals that accelerate nonprofit’s success. We invite directors, executives, board members, volunteers, and corporate partners to come and share opinions, ask questions, and build a community that will strengthen our abilities to lead and govern effectively.

Join us as we share about trends in the workplace and:
• Distribute OneOC’s new compensation report tool utilizing PayScale data; how to determine job families, creating custom reports (new membership benefit), compensation analysis packages.
• Present our newest Pulse Survey findings, which help nonprofit leaders understand how best to use the information. Share purpose of survey and future use of the survey, encouraging all nonprofit professionals to complete. Also able to provide this type of satisfaction survey for their organization.
• Discuss key trends and practices in talent management and how workplace environments are changing the way organizations recruit and retain employees.
• Provide a Panel Discussion of nonprofit leaders currently implementing employee engagement strategies

Keynote Topic:
The Future Workplace: Lessons from Best Practice Leaders
The world of work is undergoing radical change in a speed and intensity that we have not seen before. The traditional structures of organizations are changing as well as what workers want from their leaders and from new more flexible, agile work environments. Join us to learn what the disruptive drivers are and how a diversifying workforce has shifted its attitudes towards work. Best practice leaders are looking at employee attraction, engagement and development with a human and digital lens. We will not be replaced by robots any time soon, however technology and strong human based practices will augment our ability to compete. What does this mean for organizations who are looking to engage new customers and hire top talent? It requires us all to take action, be forward looking and change every assumption we have about managing people in the future. Are you a learning organization? New challenges require new actions and we will share what some of the best are doing to be ahead of the pack.

Keynote Topic:
A Fresh Look at the Generation Gap in the Workplace – How to Build Bridges Across the Great Generational Divide
One of the most urgent and most persistent questions facing non-profit organizations is how do we maximize our employee engagement in today’s complex multigenerational workforce. Many non-profits are struggling with how to increase employee engagement and retention by creating a culture which builds a bridge across all generations and embraces the diversity difference.

In this highly engaging, educational and enter-training (combining entertaining with training) session we’ll explore the following:
How each generation views, see or perceives the other generations (Baby Boomer, Gen Xer’s and Millennials)
Dispel some of the myths of the generation gap and explore what each generation needs to be fully engaged
Help you create a culture which increases employee engagement, retention and improves teamwork
Provide practical techniques to build a bridge across the generation gap

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Nonprofit Insight Forum: Lessons From Leaders On The Future Workplace

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7/14/2017 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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