Volunteer Management Tracker Solution

Looking for a way to track your employee community service and receive reporting on the results? Our turn key management tracking solution allows your OneOC Concierge to post your company’s sponsored volunteer projects for you. These postings are exclusive for your staff to view on our website.

Why community investment?  The benefits for your company include:
  • Brand reinforcement
  • Recruitment & retention of employees
  • Positioning your company as an "employer of choice"
  • Brings employees closer to community and educates them on needs
  • Promotes teamwork and camaraderie
  • Builds leadership and supports employee development




Employee Volunteers can access your Company-Sponsored Volunteer Opportunities by clicking on For Corporate Partners.  Then enter the private invitation code once you find your Company page given to you by your selected volunteer team leader.


To submit a new Employee volunteer project, please fill out the Volunteer Leader Project Request Form.

Volunteer Leader Project Request Form