Serving on a nonprofit board is a great way to gain leadership skills, broaden your professional network and make a difference In the community

There are thousands of nonprofits in Orange County. Each and every one of these nonprofits requires board leadership to change and strengthen our communities. You can play a vital role. OneOC's Board Connection program teaches prospective board members the skills necessary to successfully serve on a board. OneOC can help you find a nonprofit that can utilize your specific interests and skills.


This interactive seminar engages participants on the following topics:
  • Nonprofit sector
  • Facts about Orange County boards
  • Characteristics of boards at different organizational lifecycle stages
  • Board responsibilities
  • Review the efforts and contexts of nonprofits with OneOC

Current board members are invited to attend the training as a refresher session on what’s new in board management. Come share your experiences and insights with us and to take back to your board.  Understand the roles and responsibilities of boards, and reframe the board’s efforts – from rubber stamping to action-oriented.

How It Works

OneOC trains prospective board members on the landscape of Orange County’s nonprofit sector and the art of successfully serving on a nonprofit board.


After completing the training, individuals receive exclusive access to OneOC’s online database of Orange County nonprofits and their vacant board positions.



Using the database, individuals apply for and get placed on compatible nonprofit boards.

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