Youth Drug And Alcohol Deterrence (YDAD)

Involved in alternative sentencing options for more than 45 years, OneOC implemented YDAD in 1988 with the help of concerned doctors, hospitals, law enforcement, and the courts.  Over 5,000 participants have successfully completed this course.  This model program has been showcased in television newscasts and replicated in many U.S. cities.

YDAD helps young people learn from others’ mistakes rather than making their own over and over.  YDAD offers participants unique insights into the effects of alcohol and drugs on their lives, and shows participants real-life consequences of their choices.

The national recidivism rate for first and second-time DUI offenders who do not go through YDAD or a comparable program is over 35%; meaning, over 35% re-offend within a twelve month period of time.  The current recidivism rate for YDAD graduates is only 1.4% — a figure that has held steady over the past five years.

Anyone can sign up and participate in YDAD without a court order; parent/guardian referrals and self-referrals are welcome.


Alcohol Awareness Class

Participants will be presented with hard hitting statistics and  hear stories from individuals whose lives were changed because of alcohol and drug use. They experience different levels of intoxication using simulation goggles.  They learn from peers about the legal, financial, and health effects of drugs and alcohol.  They learn how to create safe practices for the future.

Coroner’s Visit

An Orange County coroner explains the physical effects of alcohol and drug use.  The vivid examples of the short- and long-term effects on the body are something that is rarely seen or talked about.

Trauma Visit

Participants meet at a local trauma center.  In four hours, participants may see patients arrive who were involved in an alcohol-related incident, listen to experts from the trauma unit, see videos about the effects of alcohol and drugs, and tour hospital departments.


Every participant is assigned a 1,000 word essay in which to reflect on what was learned and what impact YDAD will have on their lives.  Additional components continue to be developed to meet individual needs.

“I learned a lot from the YDAD program that I never learned even in rehab.  I had always ignored any sign that I had a problem but this made me want to change myself, even if I had barely any problem at all, it was still a problem, and I realized how much I really love life and everyone around me.  Nothing at all is worth losing the life I love so dearly.  If it weren’t for the YDAD program I would not have made such a positive change in my life today.”


You can register at any of our OneOC offices, located in each of the OC court houses and a main office in Santa Ana. Click here for locations, hours and contact information.