Charitable Giving Cards

OneOC’s Charitable Giving Cards are the gift cards that give back!


OneOC’s Charitable Giving Cards are a smart, easy and impactful way for everyone to participate in charitable giving and do good in the community.


Charitable Giving Cards are similar to retail gift cards, but are instead redeemed to benefit any 501(c)(3) public charity in the United States. You can order a Charitable Giving Card here and give the card to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday, holiday or a job well done.


Here is a story of how Charitable Giving Cards made a difference at Antis Roofing & Waterproofing:


Charles Antis, the founder & CEO of Antis Roofing and Waterproofing, purchased Charitable Giving Cards and made it a routine, where an employee was noticed and awarded a Charitable Giving Card and then given another Giving Card to pass-on.



One of Antis’ employees, Juan, who received a Charitable Giving Card, chose to give to the 501c3 nonprofit, St. Joseph Hospital of Orange County. After being chosen by another employee to be the recipient for the Giving Card, Juan knew instantly that he would give to St. Joseph Hospital. Seven months before receiving the Giving Card, Juan’s grandmother had fallen very ill, with a disease that almost took her life. While standing by her side through the toughest time for his family, Juan was beyond thankful to the staff at St. Joseph Hospital for also standing by his grandmother’s side and fighting to save her life. Through Charitable Giving Cards, Juan was enabled to give to a place that he felt he owed for all they did for his family. Through Charitable Giving Cards, Juan was empowered to give back to St. Joseph Hospital for saving his grandmother’s life.



Antis Roofing & Waterproofing employees have benefited countless non-profits. Juan is just one example of the many employees that were enabled to give and make a change. Antis is a great example of all the good that can be spread throughout companies and community through Charitable Giving Cards. Imagine the power of giving that you could hand to an employee in your company or organization. 


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