OneOC's Champions for Changemakers helps foster talent and build capacity in Orange County's nonprofit sector. 

OneOC offers hundreds of trainings and networking opportunities every year to thousands of nonprofit staff and volunteers. Orange County's nonprofits count on OneOC to increase their knowledge and improve their skills with quality, affordable learning and development experiences.


With YOUR support, your favorite nonprofit can receive OneOC's in-house and virtual training for an entire year.


Current Champions for Changemakers partnerships:


Fluidmaster | Habitat for Humanity of Orange County 



As a business, we at Fluidmaster know how important the training of our people is to the success of our organization. Likewise, such training is critical for a nonprofit in achieving their mission to help our community. Unfortunately it is very difficult for nonprofits to utilize their limited resources for "overhead" costs such as these.

The fact that OneOC has developed a way for our business to contribute directly to the training needs at Habitat for Humanity, Orange County is a solution that works for our business, our nonprofits and our community. We know that our gift directly benefits Habitat; and even better, we know this gift will in fact be multiplied as the Habitat team becomes more effective and efficient in providing affordable housing in Orange County.

My wife Denise and I are so taken by this opportunity, that we have personally decided to provide this same annual training grant to Make-A-Wish of Orange County.

Todd Talbot | President of Fluidmaster

Testimonial-Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is always looking for ways to strengthen our staff, but limited by resources to do so.  This gift of a year-long professional development package for our team allows an opportunity to strengthen more staff members, advancing their skillsets and effectiveness.  We are truly grateful to Fluidmaster and OneOC for this program.

Sharon Ellis | CEO of Habitat for Humanity Orange County


Habitat for Humanity of Orange County is a complex organization. Staff members raise funds, build homes, manage retail operations, organize community leadership teams, advocate for change at the state and county level, navigate mortgage and underwriting laws, and provide education and support for our program families. Staff members navigate a changing landscape of regulations, best practices and tactics. Thanks to this grant and to the team at OneOC, we will sharpen our skills and be better prepared to respond to changes and trends in the marketplace, and remain competitive in pursuit of our mission.

Chris Baiocchi | CFRE - Vice President, Fund Development of Habitat for Humanity Orange County

Todd & Denise Talbot | Make-A-Wish Orange County and the Inland Empire
Testimonial-Make-A-Wish Foundation

At Make-A Wish Orange County and the Inland Empire I strive to support our staff with continual professional development and training. I feel that this not only helps the employee, but the organization and community as well.
Often during budget time I struggle with increasing this line item as I want to always invest in our staff but know that our resources are limited and the decision between investing more in our mission of granting wishes versus our team is often a tough one to make.

What OneOC has created through this program is just pure genius! This is an incredible way to support the nonprofit sector, grow it, strengthen it and preserve it for the betterment of our community!

Kudo’s for all at OneOC and for the companies, foundations and individuals that are supporting this program! Investing in our people is a long term investment in the future of the community!

We are deeply grateful to Todd and Denise Talbot for selecting us as a recipient!

Stephanie McCormick | CEO/President of Make-A-Wish Foundation Orange County & Inland Empire

Executive Coaches of Orange County | Grandma's House of Hope, Illumination Foundation, & JOYA Scholars


Rob & Jane Reindl | KidWorks



Testimonial - Rob Reindl

As a retired Edwards Lifesciences executive in Orange County, I know how important the development of people is to the success of growing any type of organization. And in my retirement, I decided it was time to give back. One need that especially interested me was  supporting the needs of at-risk youth in steering their lives towards success.

As a board member of OneOC for almost five years, I decided that KidWorks was the perfect organization to support with this unique opportunity. Through my support all the staff at KidWorks, who focus on kids in pre-school through high school living in at risk-neighborhoods, will be provided free professional training for an entire year.

I encourage other local executives and retirees to identify the nonprofit that they are most passionate about and then contact OneOC to become their Champion. Becoming their Champion will directly build the capacity of the people at your favorite nonprofit, and  ultimately, their impact on our community.

Rob & Jane Reindl

Testimonial - KidWorks

We are thrilled to be a recipient of OneOC's Champions For Changemaker's Award; this award is truly a game-changer for KidWorks. The opportunity to provide on-going training to our staff, board, and volunteers over this next year will allow us to invest and strengthen our team by providing them with critical skills, tools and resources needed to serve children and youth within some of Orange County’s most vulnerable communities. We are truly grateful to Rob and Jane Reindel and OneOC for this amazing opportunity.

David Benavides | CEO/Executive Director of KidWorks

HUB International | Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove


Testimonial - HUB International

We are thrilled to bring together two great organizations, Boys and Girls Clubs of Garden Grove with OneOC and gifting your Platinum Learning Package to them! This allows BGCGG a continued focus on developing their staff members while supporting their growth and success in serving the children and youth in their communities most in need.

Chad Sidles & Randy Rider | HUB International

Testimonial - Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove

Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove cannot thank HUB International enough for giving our organization the opportunity to participate in OneOC’s Champions for Changemakers program! At Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove, our mission - to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens - rings true for our staff members as well. This partnership allows us to invest in helping our staff members, many who experience working with children and families professionally for the first time at Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove, to reach THEIR full potential as non-profit professionals.

Champions for Changemakers provides Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove the opportunity to offer our staff members a wide range of targeted trainings that we simply do not have the financial resources for without HUB International's generous sponsorship. We hope that this will lead to increased staff retention, consistency, and confidence, which, in turn, will enhance the impact our programs have on the youth and families we serve. We are grateful and excited to empower all of our staff members to enrich their professional development through One OC's Champions for Changemakers program.

Thank you OneOC, for offering this program, and thank you, HUB International for being Champions for Changemakers!

Mark Surmanian | Chief Executive Officer of Boys & Girls Club of Garden Grove

Union Bank | Orange County Children's Therapeutic Arts Center


Antis Roofing | WHW & Strength in Support



At WHW, a small staff of 12 means that every staff member must become a leader in her/his own right.  Professional development is so incredibly important to the organization, but limited funds sometimes gets in the way when there are larger programmatic needs, like helping our neighbors get and keep a good job.  We are thrilled that Antis Roofing has chosen to partner with WHW to provide One OC’s excellent training programs to the entire organization.  This investment will truly help propel the organization forward, helping every single member of staff to become the best they can be, leading the organization to new heights.  Thank you One OC and thank you Antis Roofing!

Janie Best | Chief Executive Officer of WHW

Testimonial-Antis Roofing

I love OC nonprofits and all the good they do. I love their vision of a better world, as we share the same at Antis Roofing! I also share their disappointment, when we don’t realize the impact we hoped for. OneOC created Champions for Changemakers in order to give our dedicated OC nonprofit leaders and their staff access to training and professional development - and we love Champions for Changemakers because we believe in developing people and helping the agency to be successful! Like the other plug-in CSR models developed by OneOC (Giving Cards and Days of Service), Champions for Changemakers brings impact to Orange County purposeful nonprofits, while simultaneously, lifting corporate purpose and culture. We know that OneOC is bringing the community together for universal impact and fulfillment. 

Charles Antis | President of Antis Roofing & Waterproofing

Capital Group | Families Forward


Testimonial-Families Forward

Families Forward is so grateful for Capital Group’s gift of OneOC’s Platinum Learning Package! We know that whatever we need—whether it’s training on volunteer management, finance, board development, or more—OneOC is the place to go for building organizational capacity as a nonprofit. With Capital Group’s support and OneOC’s expertise, our team is excited to learn how to do what we do even better as we pursue our goal of ending family homelessness in Orange County.

Elizabeth Childs | Director of Human Resources of Families Forward

Testimonial-Capital Group

Families Forward and Capital Group have enjoyed a decade long partnership in the community.  The strength of this partnership is because we share similar core values.  Families Forward provides housing and services for families when they are at their most vulnerable state, they do it while preserving their dignity.  They also empower these individuals at a time when they feel they don’t have any control over their lives and they give families hope for the future. 

These principles of dignity, empowerment and hope are very aligned with Capital Group.  Capital Group helps millions of investors fulfill their dreams and financial goals from home ownership, higher education to a comfortable retirement and we do it with integrity with respect for the individual and in collaboration with their interest.

I am fortunate to be with a company that cares about the community and also cares very much for associates and their development.  A commitment to development is another similarity between our two organizations.  We chose Families Forward for the Champions for Changemakers because “developing their staff” is one of their strategic priorities.  They continue to make a significant impact in the community by organically growing the number of families served for housing and with supporting services.  Therefore, evolving the capabilities of the staff is critical to their mission and their continued success.

Diana Wong | Human Resources at Capital Group

Mazda | Second Harvest Food Bank Orange County, Project Access, Pretend City, CASA & Blind Children's Learning Center



Testimonial - Second Harvest

We are so grateful to Mazda for choosing us to be their Champion for Changemaker! With OneOC’s Platinum Learning Package our staff will be able to acquire valuable skills benefitting them and the organization, and helping us to work better and smarter to achieve our mission of ending hunger in Orange County. 

Nicole Suydam | CEO Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County

Testimonial - Project Access

Project Access is excited to equip our staff and Board Members with the opportunity to improve their own skills to better serve our Residents with high-quality programs in the communities where they live. Having a trained staff that is up-to-date with the best practices in nonprofit development, management, and efficacy is key to Project Access’ mission: being the leading provider of vital health, education, and employment services to low-income families living in the shadows of poverty. Thank you, Mazda and OneOC, for helping us achieve our mission! 

Kathy McCarrell | CEO of Project Access

Testimonial - Pretend City

Pretend City Children’s Museum is committed to building better brains for young children and educating families on the importance of early childhood learning through play. We are incredibly grateful to OneOC for truly being champions for the nonprofit community in Orange County, and to Mazda for this generous gift to access OneOC’s programming for an entire year!

To serve our community well, the staff of Pretend City require a high level, varied set of skills in management, fundraising, strategic planning, grant writing and volunteer management. As a non-profit, we are constantly striving to provide our staff with high quality professional development and training opportunities that will drive the organization forward and support our mission.

By selecting Pretend City as one of the recipients for OneOC’s Platinum Learning Package, Mazda’s gift will go a long way in advancing our staff’s professional development and producing future leaders in the nonprofit community, impacting Orange County for a long time to come.

Sandra Bolton | Executive Director of Pretend City

Testimonial - CASA

Our staff members are so excited and grateful to Mazda and OneOC for the opportunity to receive free training. Strengthening the confidence and skill set of our staff members is key to efficiently and effectively providing services to Orange County’s most at-risk foster youth. Not only will training and professional development help to improve the performance of our staff, but this new opportunity has created internal excitement over the ability to learn and grow.

Kathryn Seebold | CEO of CASA

Testimonial - Blind Children's Learning Center

Thank you so much to Mazda and to One OC for this generous gift! As a smaller non-profit serving the varied educational and therapeutic needs of both visually impaired and multiply involved students in Orange County, we are grateful for this opportunity to be able to support the professional growth and development of our hard working and selfless staff. Our staff are indeed Changemakers in the lives of our students and their families and we applaud you for being their champions!

Maricela Gutierrez | Blind Children's Learning Center

Wells Fargo Foundation | OC Human Relations



Cox Communications | Girls Scouts of Orange County & The Ecology Center



Testimonial - Girl Scouts of Orange County

There are many opportunities for professional development; however, if you are working for a nonprofit or are looking to start a nonprofit, there are none better than the trainings at OneOC. The classes are tailored for individuals in the nonprofit sector, so the knowledge you gain can be applied immediately. We are truly grateful for the generosity of our sponsor, Cox Communications!

Christina Salcido | Director of Volunteer Management of Girl Scouts of Orange County

Testimonial - The Ecology Center

We are so grateful to Cox Charities for supporting our efforts via the Champions for Changemakers award. Our entire staff is eager to utilize all of the offerings of the OneOC Platinum Membership. From professional trainings, webinars, networking, and endless other offerings that will benefit The Ecology Center. As an organization, we aim to be the best we can be - always working to improve. Now, with the membership to OneOC we have a bounty of resources to support us as we work to serve more people and spaces in the world of sustainability.

Testimonial - Cox Communications

For Cox, philanthropy is more than a buzzword – it’s a mission and an opportunity to use our time, talent and technology in ways that strengthen cities, businesses and future generations. Our passions for the communities that we live in guide our diligence in supporting the locally pressing needs. We strive to develop and support initiatives that utilize our products to enhance education through innovation and technology, bridge the digital divide, and encourage environmental responsibility. Additionally, at Cox we know that our employees are our most important resource and we endeavor to provide them with an environment that nurtures their personal development. We understand that development opportunities are equally as important to our local nonprofits, and Cox is thrilled to support the Girl Scouts of Orange County and the Ecology Center through the Champions for Changemakers training programs offered by OneOC.

Lacey Gaiten | Community Relations Manager of Cox Communications


Ingram Micro | Girls Inc




Testimonial - Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro understands the importance of supporting and empowering the professional development of internal talent, which is why we are so honored to support OneOC’s Champions for Changemakers and their mission of helping local non-profits access the funding, career development tools and training they need to succeed. Through our Champions for Changemakers partnership, we are proud to champion Girls Inc. and contribute to their vision of empowering and inspiring girls and young women everywhere to reach their full potential—something we are also passionately committed to as a company.

Kendra Angier | VP, Human Resources of Ingram Micro Inc.

Testimonial - Girls Inc.

The staff at Girls Incorporated of Orange County feel very honored to have Ingram Micro identify us as their Champions for Changemaker recipient for OneOC’s Platinum Learning Package. The opportunity to be able to send staff to trainings at no cost to us is a phenomenal gift. This past year Girls Incorporated of Orange County has made some changes to staffing and integrated a new level of management. To be able to offer training through workshops to new supervisors and help build their knowledge base along with all of our staff is a wonderful opportunity.

Our staff have spent time looking over the workshops offered by OneOC and this gift opens the doors for our team to be able to access and attend the workshops best suited for their position and help them reach their goals. 

OneOC has come up with an innovative way for non-profits and corporations to work together and strengthen not only the employees of the benefiting non-profits but our communities as well.

Lucy Santana-Ornelas | Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director of Girls Inc.

Anonymous donors | The Literacy Project, Ocean Institute, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, & Radiant Health Centers




Testimonial - Ocean Institute

Thank you to OneOC for naming the Ocean Institute as their Champion for Changemaker recipient! All of the staff at the Ocean Institute are so excited to have access to OneOC’s high quality programs through the Platinum Learning Package. Enabling our staff to participate in OneOC’s programs will develop their leadership, fundraising, mentoring, and volunteer management skills. This will have a tremendously positive impact on the efficacy of our programs, organization, and in the greater Orange County community. Our most sincere thanks to the donor and OneOC for this opportunity, and for all of the important work you do in Orange County.

Emma Opie | Ocean Institute

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